What We Do
Alta provides innovative investment solutions to assist you with maximising your returns in the following key areas:

Australian and International Shares
We provide active daily management of individual share portfolios for clients. Your investment portfolios are tailored to suit your specific needs and you have direct access to Alta’s investment advisers. In addition, you can view your portfolio details and investment history online at any time via our secure website.

Self-managed Superannuation
Superannuation can be an important vehicle for long-term, tax-effective wealth creation. Alta advises a substantial number of self-managed super funds with regard to investment advice, and can work with you individually to achieve your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Options and Derivatives
For some clients, the selective use of options and derivatives can generate additional income, manage risk, and enhance long-term returns. Alta’s experienced advisers are accredited to provide advice in derivatives, and will construct a strategy aligned with your objectives.

New Company Floats, Placements and Capital Raisings
We have access to a wide variety of floats and placements through our strong network of major institutional stockbrokers. As an Alta client, you will have access to these capital raisings.

Managed Funds and Hedge Funds
Alta has access to a wide range of managed funds. In particular, we employ Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF’s) where appropriate to gain low-cost, transparent exposure to both offshore fixed interest and commodity markets. Hedge funds have the potential to provide returns in both rising and falling markets and Alta has access to numerous funds.

Our Website
Through our website you can view the most up-to-date information on your investment portfolio, details on your share transaction history, and information on any unsettled trades. You can also create a personalised watch list, check market depth, use charting facilities and view live share prices online – allowing you to follow the value of your choice of stocks.